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Camp Descriptions

Camp Action PhotoGame Development Camps
Skill Development, Strategies, Scrimmaging

These have separate boys and girls instruction with beginner, intermediate and advanced groups. We like to call these our Skill & Lacrosse IQ development camps. That's a mouthful for a title but it describes them well. Our game development camps are for developing skills and an understanding of strategies with small games and full field scrimmages. Campers are separated by age and experience level so all abilities are accommodated. A typical morning session consists of skill development and small games. An afternoon session consists of strategies applied to more small games and half field situations. The evening sessions are full field scrimmaging with an emphasis on applying what was learned during the day. These camps are limited to the first 120 to apply.

Q:  How do you separate campers into groups?Girls Camp
A:  We use high school graduation year and experience level to separate field players into groups of about 12 campers for each coach. The group gets their own college coach assigned to them and instruction is tailored to experience level. Coaches are given the leeway to increase or decrease the difficulty level of the drills based on what they see in the players.

Q:  Do you accept beginners?
A:  Absolutely yes!  We love to have beginners and they get their own group with their own coach. Beginners can develop at their own pace. During scrimmages the beginners match up on each other to help alleviate that nervous "first time in a game" feeling.

Q: What about goalies?
A: Goalies also get their own group and their own coach. Some of the best college goalie coaches are on our staff. We get you someone who coaches goalies for a living. Goalies have their own station and join with the field players when they're ready.

Q: I've already played for three years. Is this camp going to help me?
A: We think so. Our coaching staff is primarily made up of college coaches who coach lacrosse for a living. Many run their own camps but like to come to "different" lacrosse areas to help develop the game. Even if you think you've heard it all these coaches will find a way to make you a better player.

Camp Action PhotoSB60 Showcase Camps
Raise Your Level in a Competitive Setting

Our SB60 Showcase Camp is for high school players entering their sophomore, junior or senior years. These have separate boys and girls instruction. Players should already have played for at least 5 years, have at least a year of varsity experience, be on their way to making varsity at their school or have elite travel team experience or have the recommendation of their club or high school coach.

Each player should be able to go lefty or righty and handle at least 95% of passes thrown to them in drills and game situations. The SB60 Showcase is for the highly motivated player. Players should come into this camp already fit and ready to play. An emphasis will be placed on team offense, team defense and special situations. These camps are limited to 60 campers.

Q: Is this a recruiting camp?Girls SB60
A: College coaches will be on staff just like they are at all of our camps. However, we are not guaranteeing you will be recruited or get a scholarship.

Q: If you're not guaranteeing recruitment to a college then what's this camp all about?
A: This camp is for the college bound player to get coached by college coaches in a situation where you will be treated like a college player. It will still be a teaching and learning situation, like all our camps, but in a more competitive setting.

Q: Should I attend both the instruction camp and the SB60 Showcase at the same location during the summer?
A: Attend both camps when schedule alllows to get the most out of your camp experience. A $150 discount
is offered for campers who attend both camps as resident campers to encourage attendance at both camps. If you qualify for the SB60 Showcase then you will be in  the advanced group in the Game Development Camp. We've extended this super deep discount for players who love lacrosse and can't get enough of it. By attending the first camp you'll get all our skill development and great coaching in groups with campers of similar experience level. You'll then be warmed up and ready to go for the super competitive SB60 Showcase that follows where the pace of play jumps up a notch and challenges all athletes.



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